Friday, November 14, 2014

Ignorance is bliss...

Maa bought Piku a lovely gift which was big, shimmer wrapped and definitely one around which she could wrap her arms. Piku’s Maa was very generous this year. She worked very hard at her self-employed business. Maa always told people she was an entrepreneur. She was involved in export and import of niche handicrafts. Single mom and that too an entrepreneur. That sure would engage her in a lot of business trips. Sometimes Hyderabad, at times Bangalore, Delhi, even Thailand. Maa looked lovely with each day, no one could rule that she was already in her 40’s. She chased the dream of buying her own house, car and having Piku study in a convent school. Yes she was a winner. Piku was happy, she threw an expensive party to her friends this year in a fancy eat out joint, even lingered with them for deserts and coffee later.

Maa asked her before going to bed…”Did my baby girl have a lovely birthday”…to which Piku gladly replied…”It was the best birthday ever!!! Thanks Maa. Whatever you do, I want to assist you when I am a big girl. I want to help you in your business”. She smiled in a very concealed manner and cycled her hand in the birthday girls hair, kissed her good night and said “You will definitely do better than me…”. And closed the door behind her. Unknowingly Maa had left her phone near Piku’s pillow. Just then the phone rang…

It was an unknown no…Piku answered the call pretending to be her mother…The voice said, tomorrow evening, Hotel Tulip, 2 businessmen, paid for 3 hours…Code: “roses are red”, nothing oral, fine with you?

Just then Maa came rushing back in the room…snatched the phone. Asked the man to repeat and answered by saying 4 PM, she will be there.

She nervously looked back at her daughter,  saw Piku’s clueless face, then she gathered herself, conspired…and spoke about a very important exhibition tmw at 4 PM. Kissed good night once more and closed the door again this time with her phone in her hands.

Piku blissfully fell asleep to the face of ignorance and dreamt of being as strong and empowering as her mother one day!

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