Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dil chahta hai !!!

Well that was one good movie. Everyone wanted to do something that they didn't get to do. And once when they accomplished their dreams, achieved the impossible that bought a happy ending. There are many instances in my mind, that bring me to say I would like to do that…if you really care to know…what is it…that “I”wanna do!...Read on.

My childhood has seen many journeys to Lucknow from Mumbai. My Naani house is in Lucknow. I used to love to see the majestic farms …green and brown stretches of beautiful cultivation. I still do. I am still the first one to call for the window seat while travelling. The endless miles of mustard fields is what mesmerized me. And then came DDLJ where SRK and Kajol romanticized on the same green and yellow natural carpet that I loved, I dreamt, I fancied all the time. It gave wings to my passion for roaming free willingly on those unending green and yellow fields. I would love to have me and my most loved ones to be on those meadows and getting ourselves photographed.

I love watching films. By films…I mean meaningful, quality, even noncommercial cinema. I appreciate if in the film there is absence of a hero and a heroine dancing in sand dunes at one end and then Icebergs in the other. Films like ‘The Blue Umbrella’, ‘Lootera’,’Children of Heaven’,’Eeshwar’,’Beasts of the Southern wild’,’Finding Neverland’,’300’…they direct a desire in me to act. I mean to try acting sometime. In fact while I was in primary school, I even got a prize for playing a role in a small skit. Well that was then now... I might suck at it…Big Time…but would still want to give it a serious attempt.

As a child I was not much into sports. In the name of sports, I might have only played ‘Lagori’, ‘Aati Paati’ or bounced balls here and there. I happen to watch a lot of sports, as my husband is a very observant sports fan…let it be badminton, soccer, Football and how can we forget Cricket. I watch a lot of cricket with him as that is the sport that makes sense to me and I grew up watching. Manish even taught me table tennis and to some extent polished my badminton shots too. In cricket or let it be any other sport…when I see a team winning and roaring on the triumph achieved, I say I want to feel that!!! I want to smell victory. I want to win something as a team and feel responsible for it. I want to win and then shout at the top of my voice exhilarating the energy, the strength within me.

I try my hands on writing and blogging. That’s just an effort to improve I write every time. My brother suggested a film that made me more inclined towards writing with a purpose. “Julie and Julia”. (Thanks Thou!!), that made me endeavor the tenacity of writing 12 blogs in a year. This was last year. But I was short of 2 blogs! I would like to write meaningful write ups at least putting myself to write once in a month, now that can’t be too much. I hope to resolve this aspiration probably this yearend. Again to be able to write good, one needs to read good. I want to take out time for reading. At least 15 minutes a day. I guess it's a catch 22 situation.

There is a very big word associated to our lives at some point or the other. The word is ‘Procrastination’.  I am a big time procrastinator. After delivering my first born, a genuine 15 minutes run was what helped me lose weight. Even after knowing this, I postpone my plans of running. I want to run, and not only run because it makes me lose weight…but run because ’I want to run’ & because ‘I would feel partial if didn’t run’.

Tattoo’s: Body art, body piercing/body self-torture. Do not know which one is the right definition for a Tattoo. But it does look very beautiful on some, point to be noted….on some parts of the body. I desire to have a Tattoo sometime…somewhere on my body. The courage and nerve I need to carry on with that I might need to inherit from someone who has already given this a shot. Any takers here ???

Being conservative in my way of dressing and to double it belonging to a conservative family while growing up, I have not worn dresses or outfits that can be called bold. Now too, if I had to wear a sleeveless kurti or a shirt in front my parents, I feel uncomfortable. I want to wear formal daring gowns, and skirts that might be termed ‘gutsy’. But again it is a Catch22 flashback. If I run, I can succeed towards wearing what can be called as bold and beautiful.

Trekking, mountaineering & paragliding. Never ever done these. But I am pretty sure, soon after Ananya is grown up, we as a couple will certainly venture into these activities.  These activities somehow bring you in competition with yourself. You have no one else to compete, but your own desire of overcoming the fear, the fear of height…fear of falling. Ananya grow up now>>>FAST FORWRAD.

Last but not the least…I have still not been to a pub or a discotheque. Umm…please don’t laugh at me…but come laugh with me. J Haha. Although the people who know me, say that this place will definitely be something that I wouldn’t like. But I still want to experience the madness already paid for.

I guess. Mr Abraham Maslow. He was the fellow who explained and proved that human beings desire increase as you age one read about his Pyramid too. Hence this write up will keep getting additions until I feel enough I have seen everything and done everything.

“You can't have everything in life; even the trees lose their leaves.”
― Humphrey Ominisan







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