Thursday, October 16, 2014

WiFi ties

Constant consultations with my psyche (my mishter) has bought me to learn something very realistic. In the age of WiFi  we are maintaining ‘WiFi relationships’. I mean wireless ties/radio alliances. For some basic reason I was made to understand, that when someone is upset or not in agreement with me or my behavior, they talk to a set of people… which makes me think, I don’t have that spark…which will make them talk to me as happily as he/she talks to them. When I proposed this behavior makes me Jealous my better half explained very justly. 

We always have some sort of wireless connections with the people with whom we have shared our lows in life. Somehow they are the ones with you always rest your head upon and contract comfort. It is because they were there for you in your unhappy times; they had unconditional affection for you even when you did not have an upper edge over the otherwise competitive world. They treated you the same when you failed, when you tripped or even when you were wrong. It is that progression of building a connection with them, which can’t be broken whether you are close of far away from them. That bond can never be disrupted
due to low connectivity. Customarily, it justifies why a child is more prone to talking to its mother. The unconditional love and nurturing makes you in sync with her. This can happen with fathers too I guess with times changing, this metaphor would also be applied to fathers!

Our friends are mostly the ones to know, dude this guy just needs to be listened to. No need to give suggestions, just a patient ear is enough for him/her. For instance, a 3 year old friend of my daughter… we stay in the same building. They happen to share the same school and same school van as well. Both her parents are working. She comes home to a ‘Maavshi’ whom I happen to know as well. That’s the best they can do for their offspring. So this baby  girl spends most of the time with the Maavshi, eats with her, sleeps to her gentle embrace and cuddles, eats to her dotingly served plate of food, takes comfort from Maavshi’s lap when the poor girl has fever or an upset stomach. In little girls brain…something has made her understand Maavshi will always be with her in thick and thins of life…she takes all her orders, looks forward to seeing her every day and confines more in her than her own parents. I have seen the little girl’s mother feeling left out, being jealous of all the attention and thunder the Maavshi steals away from her. When asked her who loves you the most…Mummy or Papa?…she very affirmatively answers…”Padmini Maavshi”!

Very aptly quoted``
“The ties that bind us are sometimes impossible to explain. They connect us, even after it seems like the ties should be broken. Some bonds defy distance, and time, and logic. Because some ties are simply… meant to be.”


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